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Where can I learn new things and use my experience at the same time? Dare to ask.

Even if you have many years of professional experience, it‘s still important to keep on being curious and to keep on looking for new challenges. We‘re searching for people who do exactly that. Whether you want to develop yourself in a new direction or to move forward on your current career path, Siemens offers experienced professionals who dare to ask big questions a wide range of opportunities to continue their personal success stories – in their home countries or even abroad. Where can I learn new things and use my experience at the same time? Dare to ask.


Whether they are engineers or IT specialists, sales representatives or researchers, team members or managers – people from all backgrounds work together at Siemens.


profOnce you have found your way to our door, many opportunities will open up for you. Selective advancement through training courses and ongoing education are a matter of course at Siemens. We have set up a special “Learning Campus” unit that makes our continuing education opportunities available to all employees worldwide.


The Learning Landscape is integral part of our Personnel Development Program. The Landscape had been developed to make training opportunities transparent within the company and to provide a training tool for career – long development. Our aim is to enhance the capabilities of our personnel to successfully manage business activities and to ensure employees satisfaction. We also have an international training program for managers, where junior staff members with leadership potential learn how to work together on the international level.


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