For Graduates

Who will help me make the most of my talent? Dare to ask.

Some people are done learning about the world we live in as soon as they finish their last exam. But if you’ve graduated with above average exam results and you‘re still curious and open-minded, you’ll find Siemens is the perfect place to start your career – in one of our 1,640 locations around the globe, including 176 R&D facilities.


Below are our Siemens programs for Graduated:

The Commercial Apprenticeship Program Asia Pacific is a full time trainee program for the best fresh graduates to become key players in commercial functions in Siemens Vietnam.


]G-The program will start in July 2017 and last 12 months. It is divided into practical work in different commercial departments within our organization as well as theory phases (commercial topics), which will also be conducted abroad within the Asia Pacific Region. The Program includes Seminars, Courses, Training on the job as well as Business Impact Projects.


Highlights of this program are two theoretical blocks abroad. Due to the multi-national business environment of Siemens, this training was arranged together with all countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Information on CAPAP

starAfter completing the program successfully, trainees start their professional career as Commercial Officers within Siemens Vietnam.